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WKF Fighter Registration Form

To register as a WKF fighter, Print out the form below & E-mail it to the WKF 

If your club or association wishes to become a member of the WKF., please complete the online application below. Please note: you must be able to hold at least two WKF titles per calendar year in order to qualify to become a WKF representative in your country. upon satisfaction of this criterion you will be sent official documentation along with an Official WKF Certificate and your title and position in your country. Also note that we do not charge any registration fees.

WKF Licence NO. ___________

Expiry Date:_________________

If you do not have a Licence please tick here______

Full Name:___________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____ Sex:__________________

Weight (In LBS) _______or (Kilos) _______Height (ft/in) _______or (cm) _______


City: ____________________ Country: ________________ Postcode: _________________

Telephone: (___) _______________________ Fax:(___) _________________________

E-Mail: ________________@_________________

Trainers Name: (List SELF if you train yourself)_________________________________

Gym Name:____________________________________

Contact Phone Number: _______________________ Fax: _________________________

E-Mail (If One):________________@_________________

Amateur Fight record with KOs if any:

Kickboxing: _______Wins _______Loses _______Draws _______ KO's/TKO'S

Boxing (If any) : _______Wins _______Loses _______Draws _______ KO's/TKO'S

Professional Fight record:-

Kickboxing: _______Wins _______Loses _______Draws _______ KO's/TKO'S

Boxing (If any) : _______Wins _______Loses _______Draws _______ KO's/TKO'S


PRO________ AMATEUR:________ 

Full Contact Rules: ________

Kickboxing Rules: ________

Muay Thai Rules: ________

Other: ________

Last Bout Information: ( if any):

Opponents Name: ________________________________________________

Where was Bout/Event: ___________________________________________

Date of Bout/Event:_____/_____/_____

Result (W __ L __ D __ TKO __)

Other Organization, rank and title(s) IF ANY:______________________________________

Full body photograph in fight clothes.



I understand that there is a risk of injury or death in competing in kickboxing. I declare that I am of good health, with no illness or disability, which may disallow me from competing in said competitions. My Instructor, Family and Association have given permission for me to compete in said competition. In the event of injury, I promise not to hold my Instructor, the promoting body or promoter, fellow competitors or any officers of WKF or its sister groups responsible. I promise to follow the Rules & Regulations of the WKF at all times.  

I have read and fully understood the above    


Your Signature:

__________________________________ Date: ___/____/____

Your Printed Name:


(Parent or Guardian if under 18)

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