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Become A WKF Representative


National Representative Application Form


If your club or association wishes to become a member of the WKF., please complete the online application below. Please note: you must be able to hold at least two WKF titles per calendar year in order to qualify to become a WKF representative in your country. upon satisfaction of this criterion you will be sent official documentation along with an Official WKF Certificate and your title and position in your country. Also note that we do not charge any registration fees.



Name (Mr / Ms / Mrs)









Post Code / Zip Code:________________________________________________________


Tel No: ________________________ Mobile No:______________________


Fax No:_________________________ e-mail: _______________________


Web Site: www. ____________________________________________________________


Date of Birth:______________________


Nationality: ________________________________________________________________





How long have been involved in martial arts? __________

(Please submit details of your experience and achievements in Kickboxing or other martial arts on a separate document )

Please list below any other martial arts organisations, which you represent in your Country

  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________

General Information

How many Kickboxing Clubs / Camps / Gyms are you in contact with on a regular basis within your country? ________

How many Kickboxing events have you promoted in your Country?_________________

  • Name Them if Any - Location and Dates;
    1. _________________________________ ____/____/____
    2. _________________________________ ____/____/____
    3. _________________________________ ____/____/____
    4. _________________________________ ____/____/____
    5. _________________________________ ____/____/____


    Why do you want to be part of the WKF? _________________________________________


    Do you suffer from any disease, illness or disability? If yes please give details.  

    • ______________________________________________________________
    • ______________________________________________________________


    I wish to apply for the position of WKF National Representative for _________________



  • All information provided above is true and correct.     Yes ___ No ___

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